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Londoner of the Day goes to a woman who runs a vital help service for Tamils living in London which does not get a penny of state help,

Thavarani Nagulendram leads the Tamil Community Centre, which has three bases in Hounslow, Harrow and Ealing.

More than 5,000 came for help last year with problems as diverse as poor health, money worries and domestic violence.


The latter is a serious concern for Hounslow resident Mrs Nagulendram, because cultural norms make it very hard for victims to speak out.

Cash is a constant concern too. Around £10,000 must be raised each year in order to keep the lights on. That is a challenge with no outside funding.

That is why Mrs Nagulendram is a well-deserved winner of a London Star award from the Mayor of London, in conjunction with London24.com.

Do you know someone who deserves a thank-you for their volunteering work from the London Mayor? Nominate them as your London Star.

Recommending someone is easy. Use the links at the top-right to access the short online form on London24 and to get more details.

The initiative is part of Team London, which is Mayor Johnson’s vision to get more people volunteering to help tackle crime, increase opportunities for young people and improve the environment.

Meanwhile, if you want to nominate someone for a future Londoner of the Day, email London24 editor Simon Bull at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


By Lucy Buckland »

A Hounslow Tamil is urging the Government to stop leaving his fellow islanders in limbo, after reports of Tamils being deported despite officials accusing Sri Lankan authorities of human rights violations.

Former asylum seeker Rajsh Kumar, now a legal adviser at Hounslow Tamil Community Centre (TCC), said many Hounslow Tamils were still waiting for court dates to claim asylum, while others were terrified they would be deported if they could not prove their life would be in danger if they returned.


ImageSri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers in the UK have accused the British government of double standards - trying to send them back to Sri Lanka on the one hand while accusing the island's authorities of human rights violations on the other.

Nadarajah, a former Tamil Tiger rebel, says the British government tried to deport him to Sri Lanka before the High Court granted him permission to apply for a judicial review against the decision to remove him.

"My father was abducted in Colombo in 2007 while I was here. I was abducted and badly tortured while I was in Sri Lanka in 2002 and am still getting counselling and medication," he told BBC Sinhala.

Nadarajah, a resident of Velvetithurai, Jaffna, left the rebels before the abduction incident and says there are no circumstances in which he could return.

Tamil Community Centre is a voluntary organization, which provides the Tamil community with support of all kinds.  aims to improve the quality of life for the Tamil society. TCC

Our aims:

TCC aims to improve the quality of life for the members of the Tamil Community in the United Kingdom.

To foster good community relationship between people of our races.

Long term aims is to provide community centre to be used by all group of the community.

To advise the community on health and well being through social, education leisure and dance activity.

To assist Tamil community who are suffering from financial hardship, sickness & distress by providing advice, information and welfare etc.

TCC aims to work with Children, young adults and elderly through language class, mother& toddle group, providing advice to participating in community activities etc.


Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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